Hackers Publish Private Messages Of 81,000 FB Users

Facebook hackers that stole personal information from users in two widely reported attempts have told BBC’s Russian service that they are trying to sell this information to the highest bidder. While they claim to have data from 120 million accounts, Facebook has denied those numbers stating that only 81,000 user accounts have been compromised and […]

Battle Between Walmart And Synchrony Escalates

The relation between the giant retail company, Walmart, and its former issuer of a credit card, Synchrony has been on the downfall for a really long time and matters became worse in the past few weeks as more bad blood was issued between the two of them.     All of this started when Walmart […]

Research Suggests Increasing Noise Levels In The UK Hospitals

Staying in hospitals overnight has become difficult because of increasing noise levels, suggests research. In-patient surveys show that 40% of patients are bothered by noise from telephones, machinery, staff and trolleys. Noises affect not only patients, but also burnout rates and staff performance. Even with intensive care patients have to tolerate noise levels that go […]

NASA Might Start Selling Tickets Of Space Trips

NASA is also about to join the league of private organizations headed by giants like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, & Richard Branson in a race to make space as a tourist spot. As the organizations Virgin Galaxy, SpaceX, and Blue Origin are competing each other for sending out the normal citizens in to the space […]